Lansing Aluminium Glass rack mercedes sprinter


The Lansing glass racks are specially designed for the transportation of flat glass. The glass rack is a lightweight construction which contains the strenght and stifness that is required for heavy loads. The welding technique guarantees a durable solution that fits all types of commercial vehicles. The glass rack is quickly demountable because of the use of the easy-disassembly kit. Thus, optimum functionality and safety. The Lansing glassrack can be used for many different purposes. There are three kind of variants available:

The external glass rack, internal glass rack and the pick-up glassrack.



External glass racks

An external glass rack is the ideal solution for the transportation of flat glass on the outside the vehicle.



Internal glass rack

An internal glassrack is the ideal solution if you want to safely transport your cargo inside your vehicle.



Pick-up glass rack

Transport flat glass while maintaining flatbed cargo space.

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